Just Cause 3 – From when I joined Avalanche Studios in 2013 and up until its release I worked as a Game Designer on Just Cause 3. My primary role was as an A.I. Designer, though I also assisted in Mission and Encounter design. You can get more info on the game here. Note all my other work and writing here is completely independent and separate from my work at Avalanche.



Color Zen (2013) – This is an abstract puzzle game I designed at Large Animal Games that is now available for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android. It was featured in the iOS App Store’s New and Noteworthy section, and at the time of this writing was the #7 ranked game on iPad. It has sold over 1 million copies across iOS and Android and was even reviewed in the New York Times. It was also showcased in the Digital Selects section of Indiecade 2013. You can get it on iOS here and Android here. The Nintendo eShop page is here. You can see a Game Developer’s Conference talk I gave on the game’s development and post-launch work here.



Pulse of the Samurai (2013) – This is a simple fighting game focused on spacing, reading an opponent, and deliberateness. I created the prototype during the 2013 Global Game Jam event at the NYU Game Center along with artist Shiho Pate. At the game jam it was given the Juror’s Prize for Best Overall game and won 2nd place in the Audience Choice category as well. It was also showcased in the eSports section of Indiecade 2013. You can play that Indiecade 2013 build on here.  You can learn more here.

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Coral (2012) – Formerly known as “Stones,” Coral is a meditative, reflexive, original flash game centered around balancing a set of Enso circles at various heights. Players can sing to a circle, raising it, using a unique combination of two keyboard keys. However, the letters needed for each circle overlap, causing a unusual array of keys the player must press or not press, to adjust the circles to the desired heights in perfect harmony. It began as a 48 hour jam game at the Babycastles X Parson’s jam, where it took home the Judge’s 1st Prize, and I continued to work on it for several months in free time afterwards. You can play it on Kongregate here. Or you can play it on here.



Chip (2011) – Chip is a 2D action-puzzle-platformer made using Flixel. It’s a game of learning to manipulate and out-maneuver A.I. robots with a backdrop of a mysterious story about an estranged father and son. Play the full game now on Kongregate!



Thawed (2011) – I wrote this game and coded it with Grant Reid in 48 hours as a part of the Global Game Jam at the NYU Game Center site. It is a unique multiple-choice text adventure game. You play as a polar bear whose species is on the brink of extinction. Years later I rewrote the game using twine. More info of the original game jam version here or you can play the HTML version made using Twine here.



The Escort Quest (2011) – This is a “big” game originally designed by myself, Grant Reid, Eszter Ozsvald, and Andrew Gaffney, meant to be played in crowded outdoor areas. It was iterated upon by Grant Reid and I after its inception at the NYU Game Center. The game was an official selection of Indiecade’s 2011 Big Games program and Come Out and Play: San Francisco 2011. Players pair off in teams of two where one, “The Actor,” is blindfolded and tethered to their partner, “The Director.” The Director may not move of their own will, but rather must instruct the Actor around the area in order to collect cones and other objects of varying points and difficulties before bringing the team back to “cash out” at the starting point. The more players, the better. Check out this video.



Unreleased Prototypes – Of course over the years there have been plenty of unreleased prototypes. Some may still be worked on or tinkered with going forwards, others maybe not so much. Either way you can learn more about some of the concepts and prototypes here.