Global Game Jam 2012: Pursuing the Infinite

This past weekend I participated in the 2012 Global Game Jam. I worked for ~36 hours in Flash/Flixel to come up with this prototype I named “Pursuing the Infinite,” after a talk by Flixel-creator Adam Saltsman at this past year’s Indiecade. The theme of the jam was the Ouroboros, and I wanted to encapsulate that through a sense of infinity, inevitability and a blurring of the lines between helping and hurting.

I think the system of the game is fairly interesting: blue gives you points, but speeds you out of control, while red slows you down, but takes away a big chunk of life. It definitely needs something further – some overarching goal or strategy on top of this. Yet as a 2-day work, it’s not a terrible arcade-style game. Anyways, enjoy!

Click the picture to play!

PTI screen

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