My game “Stones” Won the Jury’s Grand Prize at the Parsons x Babycastles Game Jam!

This past weekend I worked on a new, random game idea at the Parsons x  Babycastles game jam. I ended up pursuing a rather odd, Bennett Foddy-  esque game, I called Stones. The game revolves around pressing odd,  interveaving combinations of keys to levitate stones into sets of sockets.  Using balance and strategy, the player must float all the stones into  position at the same time to complete the level.

I made the game in 48 hours in Flixel, and was lucky to get helpful advice  from great  designers like Charles Pratt and Naomi Clark along the way. I  feel really honored to have won the jam, and I’m going to keep working on  the game over the next week in order to slip it into the IGF Student  Competition, since this is my last year I can qualify for it.

You can play the game jam version of “Stones” here .

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